Time to reflect........

My little girls are growing so fast, my oldest is just over 2 1/2 years old and Its hard to believe that in oct. she will turn 3, I cant believe that she has grown into such a beautiful, smart little kid, she wont be a toddler much longer! Rylee is 14 mo. old and everyday she has a new word that she has learned. We spent memorial weekend out at milford lake and camped in the cabins at Thunderbird marina. It was a lot of fun, Rylee learned how to kick a ball, and played in the lake for the first time, she loved it. She also loved watching the birds with nana in the mornings, she learned how to say bird as well! She is "talking" a lot more, now whenever you ask her if she wants something she will say "yea" if she wants it!

Charleigh had a lot of fun as well. She played on the beach and built sand castles with her aunts and fed the wild geese that were walking along the beach. She also got to feed the big mouth carp on the docks, she thought that was really neat! She went on her first Jet Ski ride with her "uncle" Garrett then later again with Daddy. I was nervous that she would be scared on that first ride but she had a smile from ear to ear! She was pretty upset when we had to pack up and go back home, she is quite the outdoors child, and she still talks about the beach and the geese!

I am really excited for this summer. My girls are old enough to attend the Parents as teachers playgroups together and not apart, they are also old enough to go to story time at the library and we are participating in the Library reading program this summer as well. I have found a stay at home mommy group that has playdates at the parks and other get togethers that I am looking forward to. Our goals for the summer: Charleigh to learn her abc, recite them and recognize each letter and possible write them. also to recognize her numbers 1-10 and maybe write them. for Rylee: we are really going to work hard on her vocabulary and hopefully be at 25-30 words by August.

I cant wait to see what this summer holds for us and I am so happy to be able to be home with them everyday!