I haven't done a blog yet about my newest obsession, Coupons! Last month I spent time getting into the know about couponing and saving a lot of money.  I have built a pretty nice stock pile of items that we need and will use. It's not bad and I wouldn't qualify for a spot on horders, so don't freak out! But I have a big enough stock of things like laundry detergent (enough for 20 mo.) Shampoo  & conditioner (enough for 9 mo or more) Toothpaste & toothbrushes, body wash (enough for 2 yrs or more) and a good foundation of food including 10 packages of hotdogs that I only paid $5.00 for!! I also have 4 boxes fruity pebbles and 4 bags of cinnamon toast crunch that cost me less than $10.00!  AND 16 cans of ravioli that I paid less than $ 10.00 for :) My Stock holds a lot of items that my daughters eat every day.

 Since I have gotten a good leg to stand on I have challenged myself to only spend $60.00 a week on groceries. ($240.00 a month) This is about half of my normal grocery bill! Since its a new month I started my first shopping list for this week and it was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. However, it allows me to focus on what we really need vs. what we can do with out. Here is my list for our first week:

2 bottles era laundry detergent (Why buy more when I have 20 mo. worth? Cause with my coupons and store sale it ends up being $1.50 for a 50 load bottle!)

6 lunchables w/fruit
2 bottles Kens salad dressing
1 carton Eggs
2 loaves wheat bread
6 boxes raisen brand cereal 
3 cases diet coke (For Chris-Remember I don't Drink Soda!)
2 boxes ritz crackers
1 bag shredded cheese
2 boxes jiffy pop popcorn
1 gallon milk
3 (1 lb) packages strawberries
8 (5oz) Hamburgers
4 (5 oz) bacon wrapped fillet minion.
Total should be $60.43....Let's see how we do after all is said and done!

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Hey Guys!

Sorry I know I have been MIA lately and haven't updated in a while, we have been really busy lately.

So here are some stats from my last post!
I had Finally fit in my Goal Jeans!
I was at 160-159 lbs.
And I was afraid to buy and try on swim suits!

So now a month later I have some news!
1. My goal jeans are getting loose

2. I am now at 151 lbs, I will take measurements on sunday and post my beginning and current numbers

3. I bought a Swim suit, online through Oldnavy.com and I was so scared I'd order a size that was way too small. But I bought a medium bottom and a medium top and they fit! I have a little more work to do to look bangin' in it but here is a pic:

Not too Shabby ;) I am hoping to get down to 150 by the end of the week! I am a bit behind my weight loss schedule, but I think that is only because I am 12 lbs from my goal and have hit the "Hard" part to losing weight. So I just have to stay more determined and keep it going!

This past weekend I attended the Relay for Life, and attended my first live zumba class during that night and O-M-G! It was amazing, and I was sore for days!!! Makes me want to find a class here in town to take!

Hope you are all doing well! xx
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