My Birthday Week.......SUCKS!

So Friday is my birthday and I am really excited for it, Kristle is throwing me a Lil party and I haven't had a party since I was oooohh 18? I'm turning the big 2-4, getting SOOOO old lol!

So Monday, was OK I was suppose to have the whole night with Chris since he is working every night this week except Thursday, he even has to work all weekend from like 7am till at least after 9pm. So I was planning Chicken Tacos and a movie, then I get a text...."Hey babe I have a softball game to play to night at 7." Which translates to Ill be home for dinner, then leave at 6:30-8:30....there went the night....He said I'll be home right after the game and we can spend some time together.....8:30 came and another text "Babe its a double header, I'll be home as soon as its over" Translation: Another hour and 15 min.  OK, work out and bed then.

Tuesday, Chris works, then has a baseball game in some city not here, be home around 10:30 pm. Rylee put my phone in the toilet, then the touch screen stopped working, few hours later I lost it! Charleigh had a HUGE break down when my mom left, took 20 minutes to calm her....Bath and then the bed battle, 8PM, put Rylee in bed, shut the door after kisses and she screams bloody murder as if some one is in there beating her! OMG! Then the other Lil bug, after 3 hours of "Charleigh go to bed" she finally did. I guess when mommy is working out it looks fun to join her and copy her moves, Its hard to say "You better get your booty back in bed" during Circuit 3 CardioAhhhh the Shower!

Wednesday. THANK YOU JESUS! Rylee slept in till 10:45am a RECORD!!! Meanwhile, Charleigh came into my room wanting to cuddle at 9am, 1 1/2 hours of cuddles with my baby girl is amazing :) Thank you girls for an awesome morning....Now please stop screaming at each other and fighting over the baby dolls stroller before I throw it out the door! Kristle came over and its always so nice to talk with her. She makes me laugh so much. I love her!!!

Thursday....nothing to big planned, but oh Shopping for a birthday outfit :) I love My husband, He is the GREATEST MAN EVER!!!!

Please let the rest of the week perk up :)


Just Hit the Delete Button!

Where to start this post? I know I will probably get some hate mail or whatever for this, but its coming out and I cant stop it!

I've come to realize that no matter what there is always that person or group of people that always know everything, and think they are better than the next person. I cant stand it that some people have a stick up their butt and think they are so much smarter, prettier, or more successful than others, yes this may be true since we are all different but they shouldn't make people feel bad or rub it in. I have also had enough of the crap that they call RUG. Its the same thing every week, the same topics come up and the same stupid drama each month. Its old and stupid. This is why I have removed myself of the crap!

Then the good 'ol DREAM VS. FHL battle. Maybe its just me but this is really stupid! Why is it that "they" think that there group is so much different than ours? In reality it is quite the same, FHL has done a benefit sale for a child with a disease, we have done get together with food involved, we reach out to our community and host PLAYDATES! Oh wait that is the only thing that we do NOT have in common with DREAM, We host weekly playdates! Dream has done the Benefit sale, get together with food involved (They just call it a recipe swap) and what have they done for the community as a whole? Maybe I have missed this but helping 3 girls go to prom doesn't do crap for the community....it just heightens the High School experience.

But there defense to this question is Well we plan to help Pregnant teens, or Adopt A  grandparent.....what does this have to do for the community??? Absolutely nothing....its helps those 2 categories Pregnant Teens and Old People....its nice and I salute them for helping but maybe with the Teens they should advocate Abstinence or Education on Safe Sex??? How about offer free condoms, or other forms of birth control, offer advice and guidance to end the cycle of teen pregnancy? Junction City has the Highest Teen Pregnancy rate in KS, do something to offer teens other options then having sex, because if they know they can just get help from this one group then why not do it?

They will also say that Dream is better or different because they want to become a NON Profit, and become National....sorry but when did recipe swaps become material for being a non profit? Guess what Ladies there is probably a group of FB doing the EXACT same thing you are in another Town...Guess what there are 13537873 groups on FACEBOOK and probably ran the same way as yours....Oh Wait that is FHL!

Maybe I am bitter, or stressed...or could just care less cause you are not pulling the wool over my eyes...I give it 2 more months before they are worn out and dwindling down, because you cannot run a non profit with 2 people! Let alone a facebook group with 5 active members and 93 inactive ones....Make that 92 :)

This plus the annoyance of FB status' of how immature "someone" is or  "if you have something to say then say it"  and the "OMG KISS MY ASS CAUSE I'M AMAZING" I have deleted a few more off the friends list....because you haven't added shit to my life so poof you are gone, just hit the delete button!

I have come to realize who my friends are, and who just wants me to be a number on their group. I rather have 5 amazing close friends then 93 acquaintances that only want my friendship when its a convince to them.