Family Photos

I wanted to make a quick entry with a few sneak peaks at some shoots we did :)

Chris and I won a Cutest Couples contest on Facebook and here are a few little snip its from that shoot:

And here are a couple from our Family shoot we did :)

This one is one of my Favorites, I love these little girls with every ounce of my being, I cant believe how big they are getting! Cant wait to order all our prints!!!
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Ef on the Shelf

This year we are beginning a new tradition with our daughters, The elf on the shelf. Tomorrow morning our girls will wake up to a Breakfast introducing our elf! I am so excited to start this with them!!!
Here is the letter Santa sent with our elf to introduce him:
                                                                                                Christmas 2011
      My Dear Charleigh & Rylee, 
This year I have chosen to send an elf to some very special homes to help me keep an eye on the children living there and this year the Nelson’s are on the magic elf list! This magic elf comes with his own notepad, and will keep a report for me and pop into the North Pole every night while you are sleeping to report to me what you have been doing, and if you have been naughty or nice. These elves help me make the naughty and nice list, so you can be sure that this elf is watching you! I’m sure you’ll be put on the nice list! To be sure you make it on the nice list, you must remember to be kind and loving to everyone and everything. Sharing and talking nicely to others are a great ways to get on the nice list!

This elf is so excited to come to your home! Elves love surprises, this elf decided to surprise you this morning with a breakfast from the North Pole! Complete with Snow covered doughnuts, and hot chocolate! He even brought his favorite hot chocolate toppings, white and chocolate marshmallows!  He comes with a book that explains more about him and why he is spending this holiday with you. Have Daddy read it to you while you eat your North Pole breakfast from your elf.
I hope you will take care of my little elf. He is a new elf and still has a lot to learn. You get to name him as a family, make sure it is a name that everyone agrees on. Be gentle. Although he is a magic elf, he is not a toy. You can talk to him (he is a very good listener) but, there is one rule that Santa must tell you about your elf, you MUST not play with him or touch him. Too much touching will cause him to lose his magic, and then he will not be able to return to the North Pole! Although he is magic, and loves children and surprises, be careful! Some elves are known to get into some trouble or go on some great adventures! Every morning he will move places in the house, so be on the lookout for him every morning when you both get out of bed!

On Christmas Eve, I will be stopping at your home to deliver your toys, this is when your elf and I will talk about how good or bad you have been, then I will bring your little elf back to the North Pole with me. If you do a good job taking care of my precious elf, I might send one to visit you again next year!
I left a note on your plates for each of you, some things I want you to work on. Your elf will let me know if you have been improving on Christmas eve. Take care of my elf, and I’ll be checking in on you!

Love and kisses,
p.s. Please don’t forget to leave me milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! I loved the ones you left me last year! Rudolph especially liked the carrots and reindeer food!!

Tomorrow I will post pics from our breakfast!
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