Today I decided to do a mini photo shoot for the girls so we could get the pictures we needed for their valentines goodies. I saw this idea on I am Mama Hear me Roar she had the cutest idea and I just loved it. So I put together these collages for the girls valentines, Charleigh's will be for her class and the one with both girls will go to our family here in town :)
If you like this Idea just click her link for instructions!

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On the Recovery

Last week I spent most of the week sick...this weekend too. I haven't been this sick in almost a year.  I was only able to work out twice last week but thankfully I haven't gained any weight back this week and stayed at the weight I was last weigh in. So hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better and I can get back on track. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Sick = Sucks

I hate this time of year...sickness envelopes our house from Nov. - March and captures all of us as its hostages. I thought this year I was doing really good, because out of the 3 times Charleigh had to be kept home from school, I didn't catch whatever germs she was wanting to share with Daddy and Rylee. Up until Monday. I was feeling fine all last week while Chris laid in bed hacking up his lungs and other nastiness. Then Monday rolled around and a sore throat lingered all day, I pop some airborne and thought I'd be fine. Yesterday I felt like hell and today is no better. I did do my training on Monday and Yesterday. I am hoping to find strength to do my yoga today. I am completely ready for Spring...I hate the cold, snow and being sick, it sucks!

A happy note....looking at Chris'  schedule we have figured out that we are able to take our vacation Late July/Early August. That is when his seasons slow down. Spring was my initial plan but its just too busy for him, as well as early summer. So let the planning begin! That gives me ample amount of time to get to my Goal weight, and look smokin' hot during our beach trip :)
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Sunday Rambles

I started this post with the title SUNDAY FUNDAY,  but midway through it I realized it was more of a rambling....just stick with me ok?  Chris had to work all weekend and today he is in Topeka attending mtgs. He is the chair man for NEKOA (Northeast Kansas Officials Association) in baseball so he had to go sit in at the baseball meeting today...Gosh baseball season is quickly approaching.The end of Feb is his first Baseball game...This time of year is when the "busy" season starts. Chris works pretty much 3 nights a week with a few weekends for the month of Feb. I haven't seen his march calendar so I'm not sure how that looks. We were planning a vacation to the ocean, on a beach in May but with baseball that may not be a go. I wanted to originally go Memorial weekend since he will have a 4 day from work but he kindly reminded me that is the weekend of baseball championship for high school which means he may or may not get a game scheduled...I guess its a big honor if you snag a game...whatever! Lol I told him I didnt want to wait a week until memorial weekend to figure out if we could go or not so we will settle on a date once he recieves all his baseball schedules...which come to find out the are usually finalized in Jan. WOW! I didn't know that high school sports was so organized ;)

So Sunday....I spent my day doing my dreaded math homework...I got a 94% on my quiz, and I have to wait until weds. to see my score on my 3 essay questions. Yes, Essay Questions in College Math. Tell me about it!  I really hope the next 5 weeks I can continue my grades at 94% or higher, I just hope this math thing doesn't get harder with time...ah, who am I kidding, its math! I took a study break to hop over to my Favorite lunch spot, McAllisters, YUM! Its a Sandwich and Soup shop with the best sandwiches in the world...ok Manhattan, KS.  It was Delish! Then I came back home to study some more. But back up about 1 1/2 hours, to getting ready for lunch. I decided to get all dolled up..yes I did my hair and make up...then I got a little too into myself and started taking self portaits with my camera phone :) Enjoy !

I know...I'm a little obsessive with myself...but my face looks thinner :) And that makes me super happy!!!

Highlight of the day...A couple of my good guy friends who I haven't seen in years...well one in years one in months,  called me "Hot" (I cleaned up their language a bit) ;) Thanks Joey & Mike <3 you sure made my day!

Hope you all have an excellent week!


Week 3

Today is Day 21 of my journey. I am now 3 weeks into my transformation and I come to celebrate this post with great news! To date I have lost 12 lbs. I reached my 3 in 30 goal of losing 5 lbs this month and have 3 lbs left to lose to hit my 90 day goal :)  I have lost 10 total inches. 3 in my hips, 2 in my waist and 1 1/2 in each thigh and 1 in. in each arm! I have one week left and I have completed a month.

Probably the hardest part of this was starting and committing. As each day progresses I look forward to training and it hasn't been easy. I have pushed my body when it was ready to give up. I have done this without any diet fad or magic pills. I worked hard to get where I am and I cant wait to see my progress in the months to come. Right now losing is the hard part. I know that once I hit my goal weight the rest will be easy.

At first I thought the hardest part would be choosing what to eat. I have only ate out 2 times in the last 3 months, and have not had a single sip of soda or tea. I drink only water, and an occasional gatorade. My meals are pretty easy, I tend to eat a hearty breakfast, Lunch consist of a salad or sandwich on either pita bread or deli thins with light mayo, turkey and ham. Dinners are usually chicken, with veggies and most of the time I skip the carbs (Mac and cheese or pasta). I read a "rule" that a Dr. gave another women trying to lose weight, "No white at nigh" meaning no breads, pastas, heavy carbs after 4 pm. Your body can't burn those off before bed time. 

Motivation hasn't been to bad for me, maybe its because I know that in order to see that number drop, I have to put the work in. Or because working out makes me feel good...all those endorphins. But something that has helped me get back on the "horse" so to speak was this little beauty:

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101 update!

Here is my list!

Start Jan. 1st 2010  Restart 11/17/2010 completed by Sept. 28th 2012

1.start a journal for each of the girls and write them a letter once a month.
2. Finish Charleigh's scrapbook
 3. Make Rylee's scrapbook
 4. Do a walk for a cause
 5. Put away $1.00 a day for 1000 days then spend it on a trip.
6. Learn to play golf.
7. Put away $1.00 a day for the girls for christmas next year 2010. Repeat for 2011 and 2012
8. Tell chris & the girls I love them when Im upset with them.
9. Read 50 new books (8/50)
10. Try a new recipe once a month
11. Exercise everyday except Sundays weekends
12.join and attend church
13. Get the girls involved in chruch
14 Write my friends letters
15. Take more me time
16. Find a sitter & go on date night once a month.
17. Make a list of my 101 favorite songs
18. Blog at least once a month
19. Make my 101 list into a scrapbook Make a family scrapbook
20. Take a pic of me doing everything on my 101 list Take a picture of the 101's that mean the most
21. Go for a hike
22. Take a picture of myself every 30 days to see my work out progress
23. No more soda
24. Learn how to crochet/knit
25. No eating out during the week
26. Take a picture of my girls at least once a month
27. Make homemade cards for b-days and holidays
28. Find a pen pal
29. Volunteer 10 times
30. buy a fireproof box, fill it with personal items like the girls hospital bracelets and t-shirts
31. Keep a journal and write in it everyday
32. Make another 101 list before the end of this one
33. Send a card to: someone I know, someone I don't, and someone I love
34. Explore Kansas
35. Donate to charity
36. Take a cake decorating class
37. Dance in the rain with my girls (Do this more often!)
38. Have a dinner in with chris
39. Drink 2 glasses of water a day
40. Throw a party other than a b-day party
41.write a love note and mail it to chris
42. Find something to collect
43. Campout in the yard 3 times
44. Have an outdoor movie night
45.make 3 new friends
46. Ignore the negative, concentrate on the possitive
47. Go on a weekend get away just me and my mom
48. Perform 5 random acts of kidness
49. Do something good for the earth
50.do something I haven't done since I was a kid
51. Write my mom a letter
52. Start and keep a girls night out once a month
53. write my memere a letter every month
54. Lose the baby weight!!
55. Be more confident
56. Attend story time at the library once a month
57. Get another tattoo (Planning on March 2011)
58. Go to a dance class
59.go to a wine tasting
60. Buy 10 new nail polishes
61. paint my nails once a week
62. Send a care package to a solider I don't know
63. Read the bible front to back
64. Find 20 bible verses that mean something to me
65. Complete 200 miles in 300 days
66. Make a list of 100 reasons of why I love chris and give it to him
67. Teach Charleigh a dance routine and let her perform it (Does the Dougie Count?)
68. Dance like crazy 1 day a week
69.sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs
70. Start a chain letter for kids with stickers!
71. Have a spa day
72. Try a new resturant
73. Buy a new ipod
74. Learn a new word every day and use it
75. Go on a honeymoon finally!
76. Be able to run a mile without dying
77. Pray everyday at meal time w/the girls
78. Take and send out a family photo
79. Decorate for every holiday
80. Stop living in sweat pants (can only wear them 1 day a week)
81. Host a cookie exchange party
82. Read a night time story every night
83. Rekindle an old friendship
84. Host a playdate once a month
85. Go back to school for early childhood edu.
86. Get charleigh and rylee in a mommy's day out program
87. Take vitamins everyday
88. Get the girls baptized
89. Go on a double date 5 times
90. Do not buy any more sweats
91. Spend more on my self
92. No more impuls buys
93.buy and wear more earrings
94. Buy and learn to walk in heals (again)
95.lose 50 lbs and reward myself
96. Follow through with # 95
97. Spend a whole day in bed as a family
98. Learn to not stress out so much
99. Realize that its ok that the laundrys not done, toys all over the floor and dinners not ready and its 7pm....its OK (Finally I am ok with this!)
100. Pay myself $1.00 for every accomplished item
101. Pay chris $1.00 for every item I don't

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Ta Da!

I finished my scarf today...took me a couple of hours a day for the past 3 days, but I taught my-self to knit, finished and I love the end product!  Its Purple and Silver and soft!!!

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So...what have you been up to?

 Today my thoughts are weighing on my mind. I'm not sure how to sort them or if I should keep them to myself or let them out. There has been a lot of change going on in my life, my focus has changed and my energy is being put towards myself and my family. I am doing things that I have wanted to do for some time now and I am happy with the way my life is shaping out.

Lately I have been running into old friends and the question of "What have you been up to lately" is always asked of me. As if I live some kind of exclusive life style. Now depending on which friends I run into the answer is always different but its the truth and what they can understand. So what is going on in my life? When I run into old guy friends who are still single and live exciting social lives I normally answer with, not much, just at home taking care of my daughters. Chris and I are doing great (They all either know him or are friends with him as well) and that's about it. I stay at home, I am completely involved with my children and I never go out....ever. Fun right? Not to a bunch of 24 year old single, party dudes! These guys usually throw me off when I see them and sometimes I want to hide, but its too late, they already see me, and are happy to see me, because to them, I'm still the Anna they went to school with....not the mom Anna.

When I run into old girlfriends that don't have kids, there's not much to say...I don't know how to relate to them anymore. I usually answer the same way I would with any of my guy friends....but I try to stay and chat a little longer about how they are and where they are in life. I may envy their freedom a little bit and then the conversation gets interrupted by my screaming child who is ready to gooooooooo. Then they look at me with that omg I never want to have kids look, and say "Awww she is so sweet".  I apologize and we leave.

I am a mom, a young mom. I gave up all the partying, freedom and "college experiences" to have kids, get married and start my life with my family. Its not all its cracked up to be, its challenging, and and hard sometimes, but for the right people it completes them. I was made for this, and I'm damn good at it :)

Old boyfriends....these are the fun ones to talk with. And usually they find me on Facebook and want to know how I am....after "them" They ask questions to see if I miss them, think about them or if my life is any hint of miserable, because they tend to think they were the best thing to happen since sliced bread. To them I laugh, brag about how AMAZING my life is, and thank them for putting me out of my misery so many years ago, because if they did work out....my life would be miserable! Sorry boys, but you all suck! I have the best husband in the world, 2 amazing little girls and I am happy! So happy its stupid! Oh and the girl you just knocked up, I feel for, because you may have her convinced that she is the one, but we both know you haven't changed and it will only be a few months before she is crushed by your hideous ways.  You should wear a sign, or have to carry a card that says..."I'm not sticking around" LOSER!

Then the mommy-friends....now these are not the ones that are really friends, you are just mommy's and that gives you an instant connection. There is an unwritten rule that your children are in competition so when you run into these mommy-friends its on to see who's kid has mastered all the state capitols by 2 years or if your child walked by 3 mo or not. Its ridiculous, I tend to hide from these mommy's

Running into old friends that you had a falling out with....this one is hard, once you see this person, feelings of regret, animosity and resentment come up. When they ask "How are you" I say I'm great, I'm fine and nothing could be better, I don't want to say what I really want to because I'm still upset over everything. Then they ask "What have you been up to?" when they want to know who have you been hanging out with. Why do they need to know this?

Then there are my Friends. The ones that I can run into after not seeing them in months or even years and our conversation just flows as if we were together yesterday. These are also the friends that even though they are not with you everyday they are still there for support and to help you get through life. Some of them have kids, some don't. But those are the friends that will last a life time. Those are the friendships that I will treasure for ever. There is a connection that can never be broken and so many memories together, and even though our lives can be completely different, we may not talk much, or thanks to facebook talk everyday, even if its liking a status update we know that those people will always be there for us in any time of need. Thank you friends, for always being there for me, supporting me and cheering me on. I love you all.

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Shin Splints, Cravings and Hobbies...Oh My!

This week has started out sore! Last week I injured my knee during my massive run (It felt oh so good to accomplish, but I paid for it later! ) after talking with my Physical Therapist friend she thought it was inflammation in my knee.  Suggested a knee brace, rest and Ibuprofen. Well a knee brace SUCKS! It makes it almost impossible to bend your knee, run or do anything remotely close to walking! I rested on Sunday, my off day, resumed yoga yesterday and run training today. Then kicked in the shin splints and its equivalence in my calves! I barley made it through my run this morning, I had to walk a couple minutes more than planned but I did finish. After that I stretched for a long time, took a hot bath and relaxed most of the day.

Sitting at home tonight my cravings for soda, pizza and pretty much anything carb heavy hit. I just want to jump into a biscuit and bathe in it! Oh! and shower in soda! But instead I grab a bottle of water and a handful of grapes and tell my cravings to take a hike!

Today I started a new hobby! Loom Knitting :) Its pretty much the neatest thing EVER and of course I am good at it....just sayin'!
Here's my scarf I just started today...

Here's to hoping tomorrow my body gets its self back together, my cravings get in check and I finish my scarf!

Oh and I passed my Nutrition class with a 98.22%....and I currently hold a 4.0 GPA....yea, I'm pretty badass!

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2 Week Weigh In

This morning I woke up to a bloated tummy and an achy back....she's baaaaacccckkk! Auntie Flow has made her return :( However, thanks to all my working out this time I didn't get as crampy as I usually do the days before. Enough with all that time for the good news!

I LOST 4 more Lbs!!!!!! Bringing my total to date -8.

More exciting news; in the last week I have lost an Inch of my waist (biggest part under my belly button) and and inch off my hips. I also lost an inch off my left thigh and an inch 1/2 off my right. All in ONE week! 

I am so thrilled with all of my progress! Now to finish this weeks training, this morning holds my longest R/W. A 30 min R-1/W-1 :) Have a wonderful day!!!



Just wanted to brag a little about my new iPod touch....its pretty amazing. I have been so out of the mp3 loop I finally upgraded from the 1st generation ipod shuffle to the newest generation itouch. I have downloaded so many neat free apps that include nutritional information of restaurants,  netflix, free yoga and cardio workouts and games :) I used the Jillian Micheals app to record how many calories I burned during my yoga meltdown training! All I had to go was log into the app, put the ipod in my arm band and push start. Pretty impressed over here!

Rylee has been sick for the past 2 days and she looks and feels like hell! Poor baby, she has made it hard for mommy to get next to anything done, all she wants is cuddles! :/ She took a 45 min nap and now is plopped down on the couch next to me miserable. Hopefully tomorrow she feels better, we have the KSU game and the girls are going to my inlaws in the morning, no sickies over there! *Prayers for Rylee to feel better*  I'll update tomorrow with my weigh in :)

Falling In love

  I believe I am starting to fall in love with my training, however it sometimes is a love/hate relationship. I am falling in love with the idea and feelings it gives me.  I love the feeling of accomplishment and success.  Getting up and starting my training each day is a decision I make, sure I could just skip today, but where will that get me in my goals? No where! Once I get started on the training for that day I feel good and ready to tackle it, pushing my self a little more each time.

Something else I am falling in love with is my husband, I already love him and I have for the past 6 1/2 years we have been together, but each day I love him more than the last. When he walks through the door after work I get all happy, when he sends me a text or e-mail I get butterfly's, because at that moment he is thinking of me. When he kisses me I get weak in the knees. He is my forever and always. I thank God everyday for this blessing, "Faith, Hope and Love. The greatest of these is LOVE"  Our relationship is unique and true.

Tomorrow is my last day of training for my 2nd week! 2 weeks down already, and 10 left to reach my goal of -15 lbs. Tomorrow I do my bi-weekly weigh in and measurements,  I am excited to see what progress I have made and focus on completing the next week.

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Today was a great day! I got a lot accomplished around the house, worked out this afternoon with Jillian and her Yoga Meltdown then did a 18 min walk. I was only supposed to do 15 min, but I went 3 more to complete a mile and just because I knew I could do a little more. I also got my homework done early instead of procrastinating! I also joined Sparkpeople. If you don't know what that is its a great website that you can track your fitness, what you eat, get encouragement, motivation, special work out plans and more health related information. If you are apart of Sparkpeople add me Lilmrsnelson4 :). As the days continue I have gotten into my routine and have not been lazy about working out. My training will get harder but I believe that I will be able to accomplish it and succeed. As I work out I start thinking of HOW I want to look. I know there are parts that I want to look a certain way. I want a flat stomach, I don't nee a six pack but if that happens along the way then I wont complain! I also want toned arms and legs. I love Jillian Micheals body, I want my body to look like hers!

But before I concentrate on that I need to loose some serious LBS! Once I lose about 30 lbs then I will start to focus on the toning of my arms, legs and stomach.

Until then I'll keep training and getting my body strong!

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Day um 10 ?

Today was I believe day 10 of my training. And I rocked it :) I was able to do my 20 min w/r and ended up doing 1.25 mile, I felt strong and didn't give up!  I have been doing good on staying under my allotted caloric intake and have been drinking only water for over a week now with a glass of Skim milk here and there. I notice how energized I am thanks to my vitamins and mineral supplements. The down side, my hips have been so outta wack and killing me that Icy Hot and I are BFF'S! It has made sleeping uncomfortable and I spend a lot of the night tossing and turning. I know this will get better with time but, seriously it needs to get its act together. Its mostly my left hip, so soaking in the tub followed by Icy Hot and stretching are slowly getting it to feel decent so I can walk :/. Tomorrow holds Yoga :) and a brief 15 min walk.
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My corner of ME :)

I thought I would share the corner of my bedroom that Is all about me :) In this corner I keep track of everything about my transformation. But Before that here is my purse that Santa brought me for Christmas, I am obsesed with it...Its a beautiful deep purple Kathy VanZeeland :)

Pretty Crocodile embossed soft leather :) Pretty Perfect for a k-state fan :)
 How's this pic? Lol My senior picture, Look at how small I was!!! Def. Motivation Pic!

I was on Dance Team...NOT a Cheerleader Lol!

So now to the Fitness part :) Here is my Set up, My treadmill, our weights, and my corner, I made sure that a picture of how I used to be is right in sight as I run each day to my goal :) I want to get a couple more inspirational and motivational pictures up to keep me going as well!
Rylee always has to be star of the show!

Corner next to treadmill, Calendar with daily workout, Count Down Board, Pic & Goal Jeans

Close up of Count Down Board & Pic

Our Weights, Mine look puny compared to his, but one day I'll be lifting those like they were candy bars!

Crazy Girl!
So you saw those Goal Jeans hanging there? My sister gave them to me last summer and they have been sitting in my closet winking at me. They are a cute pair of jeans from Maurices, Size 9.  I haven't worn size 9's since 2005, before I was pregnant with Charleigh. Cant wait till I can fit in these bad boys!

Is there anything else you think I should have in my Corner of me?
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It has finally snowed in Kansas!!! Here are some pics of us enjoying the white stuff :)

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Week One Done :o)

Today was the last day of the first week of training. Last night was a long rough night with Rylee so I didn't get much sleep and today I was more tired that I have been all week. Today was a 20 min W/R and I completed it a lot better than I thought it would & I also did yoga tonight on a whim. Could I possibly like working out? I also wore my Calorie and Heart monitor watch when I did my yoga and it read that I burnt 357 cals...YOWZA!

Next week I start 2 min runs followed by 1 minute of walking. Next Sunday I will complete a 30 minute W1/R2....oh boy :{ (lol that kind of looks like a mustache) Tomorrow I have a full day off, let my body recuperate and rest, get homework done AND enjoy my cheat meal...Pizza for lunch....mmmmm!!! Thank you all for your support this week, it has helped me push through the tough spots and also motivates me to continue...plus it makes my heart feel SUPER happy ;) See you all again on Monday, have a great Sunday!
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Dolphins & Camels...Oh my!

These are the poses I love and hate :) Dolphin and Camel! Today's yoga work out was just as intense as day 1, however there were poses I could hold longer and even some sequences that I could do that I struggled with earlier in the week. I find myself questioning the make of my body when I do yoga...questions like, are my arms just short or am I really not that limber? Or is my butt as high up as hers? I just have to keep practicing, Yoga= My Practice!
My Top 2 Favorite poses are Warrior 3 & Camel:
Camel pose

Warrior 3

My least favorite poses are the Dolphin Plank into dolphin and Side Plank :/ I loath these moves but today I was able to stick with them and complete 75% of the pose and hold!!!

Dolphin plank

Side Plank (All pics from Google Images)

These Poses are intense but I am starting to feel my body becoming stronger each time! Tomorrow will be my last day of my first week of transformation and I am extremely proud of my self and all that I have accomplished this week. Not to mention that those 11 lbs lost were actually lost, the next day I had gotten on the wii fit just to check and make sure :) So I decided to reward my self, and finally bought a new iPod, iPod touch :) I also found that Jillian Michaels has a free app that is awesome, so if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad  go to itunes and search Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solutions.
I also have ordered a new bathroom scale that not only weighs me but also shows my body fat % and hydration level. I can wait to finish tomorrow out strong with a 20 min walk/run and enjoy my Sunday rest day, which is also my one meal cheat day. ONE meal, not the whole day :) I have been craving Pizza :) Thank you all for your continued support and motivation, it helps me more than you know :)

I love you all, xoxox

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