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I haven't had much to blog about lately...Last week I reached my 25 lbs mark and worked really hard to get that last pound off...I fought it for a whole week. I was beginning to think I was going to hit a plateau, but it wasn't a plateau, it was just a hike up a hill. Now I am on the down side of that hill and have lost an incredible 3 lbs since Monday this week...I haven't changed my diet, nor upped my workouts. Weight loss is an up and down battle of will, strength, and motivation. I have pushed myself so far that no matter how hard this gets I can't give up. I don't accept excuses from myself because they wont get me anywhere.  Sure I get tired, exhausted at times. Some days I really don't want to get up and work out, but I have to, not just to lose weight but because my body craves it and my day feels off if I don't. I haven't lost 27lbs by making excuses, and going easy on myself. I have learned how wanting something so bad is the only motivation to get you anywhere. If you don't want it, and aren't ready to push yourself then you wont achieve it!
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Online Scentsy Party

I am holding an online scentsy party, if you need to stock up on any scents or order some plug in tabs or a new warmer click this link and Click on "Buy from party" next to my name, even if you dont live in KS you can have it sent to you!!! If you are local contact me to smell scents or submit an order...Party closes on Thursday! New to scentsy? Try a plug in & 3 pack of scents and you will fall in love!! Perfectly safe for kids and pets! Thanks :)
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3 in 30 April

Since this Friday is April and I have achieved all of my March 3 in 30 goals I am posting Aprils!

So to refresh, here are Marches 3 In 30 goals:

1. Lose 7 lbs this month...This is to help me push myself a little harder each day!- Reached on 3/25

2. Cut my mile down to 12 minutes. -reached on 3/19

3. Get some time to myself to just relax!- Thanks to grandparents, the girls spent the night at their house and let me have some down time!

So April's goals.... (This month I turn 25, GASP!)
1. Lose 5 lbs this month so that I reach my 2nd weight loss goal (159 lbs)

2. Shed 15 seconds off my mile (11:45 miles)

3. Spring Clean the whole house! Including the clothing migration!!!

April is an exciting month for me for so many reasons, My birthday for one! However my b-day is the last day of the month. Chris' told me last night that he would take me to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner...this is a big thing for 2 reasons 1. he hates seafood and 2. I haven't been there in about oh 8 years! I am 100% positive that I will reach my second weight loss goal and be down 30 total pounds by the end of the month, Hopefully those beautiful goal jeans will fit me and I can wear them to my birthday dinner :) cyea! Plus its SPRING! Which means the days start to warm up, get longer and we can spend more time outside!!!

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Half-way Mark!!!

I have finally lost that last pesky little pound finally putting me at 164 lbs! I am only 2 lbs heavier than my husband and that makes me soooooo happy!!!

I have lost a total of 25 lbs in 13 weeks! As of Monday I have lost 7 total inches from my hips, 3 inches from my waist (Which is not accurate because I have realized that I measure it in a different spot each time) 4-5 inches in each of my thighs and no inches in my arms. I haven't really focused to much on my arms until this week, so I am excited to measure them next week for week 3 of the 100 day challenge. I only have 25 more lbs to go to reach my goal. This month alone I have lost 9 lbs! This also means I only have 4 lbs to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight & 5 lbs to reach my 2nd Goal!

Wooooooooooh hoooooooo~ GO Me!
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100 Day Challenge-week 1 results

 Week 1 was a long exhausting week! And a very sore one at that! Today My legs finally feel normal and I can walk without hurting!! That's exciting right! The week ended with 700 squats done, 300 jumping jacks, 14 completed miles, Lots of cardio, planks, crunches and more. Plus 35 minutes of meditation, reflection and research! Oh and homework!
So the results of my hard work? I lost 1.5 lbs this week I am at 165 lbs! I have 1 more stubborn lb to reach my true half way point!  I lost 6 total inches this week as well which is impressive...3 inches from my hips alone! Yea for a smaller butt!

This week consist of ABS! Cardio, wellness and focusing on nutrition! Plus my normal weight routine and my 5k training :)

Week 2 Starting Stats: 165 Lbs
                          Waist: 38
                          Hips: 37
                          Thighs: R-21.5in     L-21in
                          Arms:  R- 12in   L-12in
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100 Day Challenge!

Monday marked 100 days until summer....so I have joined a 100 day challenge to get my butt (and other parts) in shape for cute summer dresses, shorts, and *gasp* swimsuits! I started yesterday and I am so sore today! So what challenge did I join? The Rants from Mommyland Spark Team 100 days till summer Challenge!  There are 4 teams, Strength, Cardio, Nutrition and Well-being.....if you wanted to focus on 2 areas you are considered a Champion, if you want to work on all 4 areas....you my friend are a Warrior....thus, having high hopes I joined the Warrior team......easy peasy since I am already working in all those areas....right? Ummmm, NO!  This challenge has you doing 100 squats everyday, running a mile a day, Then 3 times a week doing 100 jumping jacks, this crazy intense ab workout called teddy bear crunches, plus 30 min of Dance cardio, Kickboxing, and another cardio video.....YOWZA!

But I know this pain is good pain that will pay off once summer hits....or I will kill someone!----maybe.

So starting Stats: 167 lbs
                         Waist: 37in
                         Hips: 40in
                         Thighs: R-22in L-23in
                        Arms:  R- 11.5in L-12in
At the end I will post before and after pics along with my ending measurements!!!

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Princess Rylee

3 mo old
Today is my sweet baby's 3rd birthday! I can't believe how big she is and how fast she has grown. This past year was such an accomplished year for her, with so much growth! Last year I was really worried about her speech and not being where she was supposed to be milestone wise with her speech. The girl barley spoke 2 words and only had a handful of vocabulary words. I choose to have her seen by a speech pathologist and she was behind. In a short 6 months she was talking and expanding her vocabulary every week. Now a year later, Rylee talks up a storm...mostly about crazy things that I have no idea what she is talking about but its all understood. Most of it is stories she makes up about animals or Dora. She is very independent when it comes to doing something but she is still very much a mommy's girl when we are out somewhere. She still has a degree of separation anxiety, and I still very much think she has a degree of OCD. Thus, she is my Diva! Only eats with certain silverware & plate that SHE must pick out, freaks out when something isn't the way she wants it and goes from calm to tantrum in .06 seconds! She is my girl, and a beautiful, smart, sweet girl at that!
1 yr old

I love you Baby Girl, Happy Birthday!

2 yrs old
My Princesses!


Birthdays & Skinny Jeans :{

I have bypassed my 20 lb weight loss mark and now have lost 21 lbs. I am hoping to lose at least one more lb this week and I only need to lose 2 more lbs by the end of the month to lose my 3 in 30 march goal. Friday is Rylee's birthday party and I bought a new shirt and bomber jacket to wear to it...This past weekend Chris and I went to the mall and I fell in love with an outfit at Maurice's. He told me to just try on the whole outfit so I grabbed the shirt, jeans and jacket and off to the dressing room I went....I learned 2 things trying this outfit on. 

1. I am not made nor look good in skinny jeans...UNLESS I have cute boots on to go over the legs of these jeans...flair or boot-cut for me please!

2. I am completely confused of the sizing of jeans! Before my weightloss I was either in denial and wearing pants way to small for me....or jeans have changed sizes. I have a pair of jeans that I have had for a year, while they were a bit snug they now fit perfect with no muffin top. I can wear a size 11 jeans I haven't fit in for over a year, but the jeans at Maurices that I tried on were a 11/12 and they were a little baggy! That's exciting!

Back to the dressing room and the outfit...I loved the jacket, but being a bargain shopper I couldn't reason with spending 28.00 on the shirt under the jacket...It was just a cotton 3/4 length v-neck shale shirt...so Chris bought me the jacket and I decided to look for a different shirt. One sad note about this jacket...its an XL, the same size I wore before a 21 lb loss...that kind of disappointed me...but the jacket is a smaller jacket, and even when I weighted 125 lbs in High school I wore a large. I was a smidgen disappointed but I am hoping that it will change. I went to JC Penny's and found a shirt for the jacket for 6.99! The jacket is black and the shirt is a dark shale....I love it, but maybe I should have went for a splash of color? Oh well, I can't wait to wear my shirt and jacket to Rylee's party, along with my Jeans (The goal jeans would be awesome but I think I am still about 6-7 lbs away from them) Now I just need to figure out shoes....hmm!  Oh, here is the jacket...

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Water & Coffee Diet?

Not exactly...but did you know that these two drinks can aid you in your weight loss? 

By drinking  ice cold water you can burn more calories. Because the water is cold your body has to warm it up before adsorbing it. Thus, it burns calories to warm it up. By drinking 6, 8oz glasses or 3, 16 oz (Average bottle of water) of Ice Cold water  a day you can burn an extra 50 calories....Those extra 50 add up, 350 a week or 1,400 cals a month!

Coffee, more importantly Caffeine!
Caffeine in a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea can rev your metabolism and help you burn calories!  A cup of coffee can help you raise your metabolism by 5-8% which can burn from 98-174 calories a day, A cup of Tea raises it by 12%!  Just remember that caffeine stays in your system for 24 hours so one cup is enough to do the job! Also remember that tea and coffee are ZERO calorie drinks, keep the calories low and use a zero cal sweetener and skim or soy milk!  By having one coffee a day you can burn an extra  2,744-4,872 cals a month! If you like cold coffee's even better, this goes back to the body having to warm it up...but keep it low cal!!!

These two drinks alone will not cause significant weight loss but added to a healthy lifestyle will! Remember that we still need our fruits, veggies, proteins, fiber and exercise to lose weight! Want more easy metabolism boost? Click Speed up your Metabolism!
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Some Excitment?!?!

New pic of me :)
This morning I woke up and weighted myself...170.4! I am 1.4 lbs from my -20 lb loss!!! How exciting is that? I tried on the size 9 goal jeans too and I can pull them up..just not button them yet...but soon!!! Last time I tried them on I couldn't pull them past my upper thighs! I have went back to running this week. I found a neat little ipod app for the couch 2 5K program to help me with my intervals. The girls voice comes on when its time for me to run or walk and even encourages me along the way.  The only down side to it Is that the warm up and cool down is 5 min each. I wish they were a little shorter...maybe 3 minutes? But maybe that will change as I progress. Another thing to be excited about is our weather, today is beautiful...I think spring is on its way! :)
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3 in 30 March!

Feb.'s Goals:
1. Lose another 3 lbs to help me achieve my 15 lbs in 90 days goal~ Lost a total of 4 3/4 lbs this month!

2. Have a camp-out in the living room with the girls over night! ~ We had 2 once when Chris was out of town for the night then again 2 weeks ago with Chris!

3. Complement at least 3 strangers a week- I was able to complement strangers, It was weird at first and I got mixed replies but most people told me I was sweet or that they were really happy someone noticed!

So this Months 3 In 30 goals:

1. Lose 7 lbs this month...This is to help me push myself a little harder each day!

2. Cut my mile down to 12 minutes.

3. Get some time to myself to just relax! 
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