One of THOSE days!

This morning we are getting ready for gymnstaics, no one wants to help mommy get ready, and we are fussy and crying! Char wouldnt get out of bed until the 15th time I asked her so she had to eat breakfast in the car, yum poptarts! we get to gymnastics, char gets her locker and takes off her shoes and coat and goes off to her class. Rylee had to stay with mommy and was P!SSED! all she wanted was to go with sister and do class too, but she's to small to be in sister's class, so I had to hold her to keep her from running onto the gym floor, for an hour, kicking and screaming......Thank god gymnastics is over, now the fight to get shoes and coats back on and buckled into the car.

We have errands! YAY! :( I decided to take the double stroller instead of a cart to walmart since RY refuses to sit in it. Get in the stroller walk around devils town (walmart) and my children are screaming and pitchin a fit (yep I was THAT mom today at the store) I finally get our stuff done at walmart, and as I'm walking out I mummble "I hate Walmart".

Now off to the mall for Lunch with NANA.......that its self is nuff said, but I will go into details :)

Char wants Chinese, ok so we Char and I will share a plate and Nana and RY will share a plate, good right! WRONG, Char wants her own plate and not share her food with mom.....so that was a battle I choose not to fight.....fine whatever, have your own food. She eats 3 bites and is done, so I go to eat it and she freaks!

Finally we are done with lunch and I let them ride those little rides there, 3 of them, and they fight over who rides what, (most of them are double seats) so I said enough we are goin home....more fits, screaming, ect.....all i want to do is get in the car.....and I do, after fighting over who sits in which carseat, and the struggle of the buckling....at this point both girls are screaming and crying....so what do i do? I blast the stereo....really I do! I just want 2 sec. of no screaming, no crying, no fighting....we get home and as soon as I walk into the door I smell DOG POOP! So i put the girls down for nap, open the bathroom door where we put toby when we leave, and he pooped all over the floor, walked in it jumped on the toilet, the counter, the bathtub....there is poop foot prints everywhere!

Can I just give up now? Can today please be over?

Nope its only 2:30! Gotta keep truckin, throw that smile back on and finish this horrible day!


Positive Light

This year has started out great, I have been accepted and enrolled into online classes to get my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Eduction. I am concentraing on the the infant/toddler age group and I hope to be the lead teach at a preschool in 4 short years! I really miss the preschool I worked at as an assitant after school teacher, I think about it a lot and realized that was what I want to be when I grew up, or atleast when the girls are old enough to be in school lol!

I have also made some great new friends, One girl in paticular, Kristle. She is the same age as me and has children in the same age group as the girls. Her and her family have been through so much, Her husband is medically retired military, he was hit by an IUD in Iraq, He also suffers from PTSD. But as an outsider you wouldnt have a clue. They are such a happy family and contribute to those in need in a heartbeat.  We have a lot in common and have been putting together a lot of fundraisers for those in need. She gives me so much inspiration and positive out look. 

I am so excited in Feburary I am attending the Amazing Girlfriend Conference with Kristle and a group of other girls. I cannot wait! Its going to be so much fun and such a great way to meet others!

We have started at our new church this month also, The Univeristy Christian Church in manhattan. Its a great church and offers so many programs for Charleigh and Rylee. They have a full band that plays at the contemperary service and they are truly amazing. I am trying to find out if they have a cd out so we can get to know the songs better :)

Charleigh starts gymnastics back up this week, she has been moved up out of the mommy and me to the beginners yellow group. I am so proud of her and cannot wait to see her blossom as a little gymnast! I think this fall we will start Rylee in the Mommy and me class, she wants to be just like her big sister and has already learned her summersaults thanks to a little nudge from Charleigh!

I am so excited to see what the rest of 2010 has in store for us!


Here is my list!
Start Jan. 1st 2010 completed by Sept. 28th 2012
1.start a journal for each of the girls and write them a letter once a month.
2. Finish Charleigh's scrapbook
3. Make Rylee's scrapbook
4. Do a walk for a cause
5. Put away $1.00 a day for 1000 days then spend it on a trip.
6. Learn to play golf.
7. Put away $1.00 a day for the girls for christmas next year.
8. Tell chris & the girls I love them when Im upset with them.
9. Read 50 new books
10. Try a new recipie once a month
11. Exercise everyday except sundays
12.join and attend church
13. Get the girls involved in chruch
14 Write my friends letters
15. Take more me time
16. Find a sitter & go on date night once a month.
17. Make a list of my 101 favorite songs
18. Blog at least once a month
19. Make my 101 list into a scrapbook
20. Take a pic of me doing everything on my 101 list
21. Go for a hike
22. Take a picture of myself every 30 days to see my work out progress
23. No more soda
24. Learn how to crochet
25. No eating out during the week
26. Take a picture of my girls everyday
27. Make homemade cards for b-days and holidays
28. Find a pen pal
29. Volunteer 10 times
30. buy a fireproof box, fill it with personal items like the girls hospital bracelets and t-shirts
31. Keep a journal and write in it everyday
32. Make another 101 list before the end of this one
33. Send a card to: someone I know, someone I don't, and someone I love
34. Explore Kansas
35. Donate to charity
36. Take a cake decorating class
37. Dance in the rain with my girls
38. Have a dinner in with chris
39. Drink 2 glasses of water a day
40. Throw a party other than a b-day party
41.write a love note and mail it to chris
42. Find something to collect
43. Campout in the yard 3 times
44. Have an outdoor movie night
45.make 3 new friends
46. Ignore the negative, concentrate on the possitive
47. Go on a weekend get away just me and my mom
48. Perform 5 random acts of kidness
49. Do something good for the earth
50.do something I haven't done since I was a kid
51. Write my mom a letter
52. Start and keep a girls night out once a month
53. write my memere a letter every month
54. Lose the baby weight!!
55. Be more confident
56. Attend story time at the library every week
57. Get another tattoo
58. Go to a dance class
59.go to a wine tasting
60. Buy 10 new nail polishes
61. paint my nails once a week
62. Send a care package to a solider I don't know
63. Read the bible front to back
64. Find 20 bible verses that mean something to me
65. Complete 200 miles in 300 days
66. Make a list of 100 reasons of why I love chris and give it to him
67. Teach Charleigh a dance routine and let her perform it
68. Dance like crazy 1 day a week
69.sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs
70. Start a chain letter for kids with stickers!
71. Have a spa day
72. Try a new resturant
73. Buy a new ipod
74. Learn a new word every day and use it
75. Go on a honeymoon finally!
76. Be able to run a mile without dying
77. Pray everyday at meal time w/the girls
78. Take and send out a family photo
79. Decorate for every holiday
80. Stop living in sweat pants (can only wear them 1 day a week)
81. Host a cookie exchange party
82. Read a night time story every night
83. Rekindle an old friendship
84. Host a playdate once a month
85. Go back to school for early childhood edu.
86. Get charleigh and rylee in a mommy's day out program
87. Take vitamins everyday
88. Get the girls baptized
89. Go on a double date 5 times
90. Do not buy any more sweats
91. Spend more on my self
92. No more impuls buys
93.buy and wear more earrings
94. Buy and learn to walk in heals (again)
95.lose 50 lbs and reward myself
96. Follow through with # 95
97. Spend a whole day in bed as a family
98. Learn to not stress out so much
99. Realize that its ok that the laundrys not done, toys all over the floor and dinners not ready and its 7pm....its OK
100. Pay myself $5.00 for every accomplished item
101. Pay chris $5.00 for every item I don't


Long time!

Gosh its been forever since my last blog, but I promis I will update more often!!!! Wow its 2010! I cannot believe how fast time is going. Charleigh turned 3 in oct. and she has become quite the kid! She has been enjoying her gymnastics class and on Jan. 20th she starts in the begginers class all by herself without mommy! Shes getting so big its crazy. Rylee will turn 2 in march, I cant believe my sweet baby is a toddler.....and not so sweet anymore:) She has quite the attitude and holds her own pretty well for being such a shrimpy. Rylee has also started potty traning and has been pretty good at it so far, she still has quite a few accidents in her pull ups but she is doing a great job!

I have found an old friend and we have been talking a lot lately. Its crazy how things change over the years. I leanred that she has MS and it just breaks my heart. She is such a strong person and I pray that she makes it through ok.

Christmas was great the girls got way to many toys and I got everything I wanted and more. I have started my girls journals and working out on the treadmill, I hope it pays off!!!!

I have been talking a lot more with Molly, Julie, Sarah and Katie. I wish we were all closer so we could get together but atleast with facebook we are able to talk everyday. Its nice having a set of mommy friends to talk to. I really miss Sarah, I wish she didnt haveto move so far away. It seems like as soon as I start getting close with someone that has kiddos they have to move :(

Well that is all for now I will post again in feb.