Just a lil somthing :)

Today Rylee decided to try potty training (again) she picked out a pull-up to put on, went and sat on the potty and went. Last time she wanted to do it for about a week and then gave up. Hopefully this time with a little more encouragement, a pull-up cake and dora panties we will be on the road to no more diapers! Everyday she is getting bigger and bigger and her little personality gets more and more complex. She is quite the lil' diva and its her way or the highway and if you touch or do something of hers that she doesnt like she will let you know! Oh and she is a mommy's girl 1000% and I am her mommy and no one else can have me (she will only share with sissy but any other lil kid better watch out!)

Last night Charleigh and I went grocery shopping, on the way home the song "How Low Can You Go" by Ludacris came on and from the back seat I hear "Mommy turn it up this is my song" and seeing my 3 yr old raise the roof and wiggle her hips was the funniest thing I have seen in a while! Now I did'nt know that on Saturday when she was with Nana and Aunt Chelsea she had done the same thing and they got a video of it using Aunt Chelsea's Phone. Looks like I got a dancer in the family.....just like her mama! She also says the most random things you could think of and a lot of the things she says are just SO grown up.

I finished my first two Pre-req. Classes last month and I recieved A's in both of them! (Go me) I have started my next class, which is Sociology. Its a lot different then the classes and a little more challenging but I think I will manage. Chris is getting ready to start Baseball and Soccer Season (AKA Busy Busy Season) Which anymore with all that he does I dont know why that makes me sad. It used to be just Baseball and Basketball season but now with him doing football too he is busy from Baseball-Basketball...or in months Mid March- Mid Feb. with small breaks in-between season. Makes it hard to plan things for us to do as a family, because he is gone 3-4 nights a week and some weekends. It sucks for me but he loves being involved in sports, and its starting to rub off onto Charleigh, she has become interested in Basketball and Baseball. So that makes Chris excited!


The Big 2!

 Yep, thats right no more babies in the Nelson Household, Miss Rylee-Anne Jael turned 2 this week, My baby is now a toddler! I really cannot believe it, so now Im at the crossroads of, to have a baby or to not have a baby. I want to have one more just to get it over with, then our family will be complete. We can get though the Dipers and toliet trainning and be completely finished, or we could do as Chris wants wait 3 more yrs and then start all over. OR just be content with the 2 little girls God has blessed us with. But what if God wants to bless us just one more time, like in the near future??? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Rylee's party was a HIT! and so stinkin cute ;) Her Cupcake pops were so cute and I added chocolate dipped pretzles as well. The little kids LOVED decorating all the little cupcakes and everyone had fun. Rylee was very clingy which did not surprise me at all, she does not like attention from big groups of people, and is very shy with large crowds, probably did help that every one was dotting on her! Here are some wonderful pictures from my Girl Friend Kristle....She is a great photographer!
Charleigh all Dressed Up!

Rylee, being Shy!