New Goals

My goals have really helped me on my journey to stay on track, I have completed almost all of them except 2.
1. Hitting the batting cages with Chris. - I have yet to do this, mostly because his schedule is so hectic that we never have time, or time with out the girls very often.
2. Register and Run a 5k.

I am going to keep these two goals but add a new one.

3. Run every other day. - This way I can improve my time and get into this habit. I run very seldom now mostly because it hurts my knee and hips, but I if I stick with it I will improve!

4. Tone. I really want to tone up my legs, parts of my arms and my abs. I dont want super cut abs, just noticeable ones. I am very proud of how my body looks now, but just a little more wont hurt ;)

I recently had photos done for Chris for Christmas, and I am very happy with the way they turned out! Makes me very proud of all my work!

Here's a little sneaky peak!

Check out my Photographer's page if you are local!
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It Works Body Wrap Review

It has been a while since my last update, I have been working hard at maintaing and have even lost an extra 8 pounds! Which means I have reached my very last goal! This week I decided to purchase and try out a new weight loss technique that has become more and more popular. I first heard about It works! about 5 months ago and at the time I was so into doing this the "right" way with out any help from crazy schemes, but the more and more I heard about this product (and seen picture results from those who have tried it) I was more interested.

The “new” trend in weight loss is It Works! Wrap’s. An all-natural infused cloth that you wrap around your trouble areas, to detox, tone and tighten.  I decided to purchase a few wraps from a local distributor to try them out and see if they would really work.  Brook is a Mom of 2 and chose to become a distributor to help support her family.

I found Brook on facebook  on her business page https://www.facebook.com/brook.itworks

I asked Brook a couple questions concerning the wraps,

·         How long do results last?

“The results are just as if you went to the gym and got the results that way, they are going to last as long they would if you burned off the fat with exercise. Everybody is different but average is 3-6 months considering that most people do not eat right and exercise regularly, if you do then your results should be pretty 

·         How Long do you recommend leaving the wrap on?

“We recommend you only leave them on for 45-1hr your first time. The wraps are working by lipolysis which is the breaking down/shrinking of your fat cells, it also is detoxing your body as well as tightening, toning and firming up the skin. Some peoples bodies can be really toxic and if they keep the wrap on to long the first time it can make them a little sick to the stomach, if you do ok the first time then you should be safe to leave it on longer the next time but no longer than 8 hours. Also they should be left on for 45 minutes the first time in case you had a reaction, since the products are all natural I haven't ever heard of anyone having a reaction however everyone is different.”

·    I have heard of some people leaving wraps on overnight, will you get better results the longer they are left on?

 “For most people the majority of the lotion is aborted in during that first hour so it really doesn't mean you will get better results if you do leave it on longer. Once the lotion gets into your skin and starts doing its magic, it can take up to 72hrs to see the full results since it is working at a cellular level. I do notice when I wrap myself that my skin doesn't seem super absorbent so I leave mine on overnight so that it can get into my skin more. If you do unwrap and still have lotion on the wrap you can take it off and just rub in the extra lotion, 
just try to make sure you let it absorb and dry before you shower.

     How often should you wrap?

 “Since the wraps are working for 72hrs, it would be a waste of product to wrap too close together, however wrapping every 3-4 days is safe and I actually recommend wrapping once a week until you hit your goal to insure best results, the more often you keep the product in your skin, the better it’s going to work just like taking supplements-if you take them for 3 days then quit for 2, then take them again your body isn't going to get the full effect as it would if you were taking them every day. I do want to point out though that even if you 
only wrap once or twice, the wraps do work every time.”

         What is the best way to see you results?

 “I think taking before and after pictures and measuring helps you see that they are working. I always notice a big difference in my post baby tummy plus they help my stretch marks.”

·         It works! Offers a lot of other weight loss and health benefit products, what are your top favorite?

“ My other favorite products would be a tie probably, The greens-a supplement that is 8 servings of fruits and veggies plus 38 herbs and super foods that keep your body alkalized and detoxed, it just makes me feel so much healthy, kept me from getting as sick and gives me an extra boost of energy. Also the stretch mark cream, the wraps work well but since they have many uses, I like that I can use the cream every day to focus on my stretch marks, mine have went from a dark purple to a light pink/white.”

So now onto my Review, I took my before pictures, measured myself, then applied my wrap. My stomach first, then the back of my thighs. Once you place the wraps on you can feel a tingling sensation, that turns into a cooling sensation, which reminded me of the application of icy hot! Then I sat down to start the review, I ended up making dinner and taking care of my 3 and 5 year old, so the wrap is something that you can do during your daily activities. Be sure to drink LOTS of water while and after wrapping. It is detoxing your system and you need water to help flush out those nasty toxins J I felt no different during the wrap, no sickness, no change in body temp. nothing of that sort.

Here are my results:

In the past 3 days I have lost 4 pounds, I went from 135.6 to 131.8, I only worked out the day  of the wrap and on the 3rd day, both workouts were on the treadmill, the first workout I burnt 600 cals, then second workout I burnt 400 cals. I ate like normal and even went to Freddy’s for a cheeseburger and fries, and a regular soda. I have been drinking the same amount of water all 3 days as well (3-4 bottles)
Starting Measurements                                   After Wrap Measurements (Have stayed the same)
Top of Stomach (Under ribs): 27 in                            26.5 in
At Belly Button: 32 in                                                 29.5 in
Under Belly Button (waist)    34 in                            33.5 in
Left top Thigh            22in                                        21.5 in
Left bottom thigh       19 in                                        19in
Right top thigh            22 in                                        21.5 in
Right Bottom Thigh    19.5 in                                     19 in

I believe in my pics there isn’t much of a difference, just a slight, but I was so close to my goal weight (2nd goal after my 50 pound goal) that there wasn’t much left to lose in inches. More of a difference in my butt area!

If you are interested in how you can get wrapped contact Brook on her business page, or come to my wrap party this Friday evening. Message me for details J

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