Life Happens

 I have been so busy with life lately that I have not had time to get on here and blog as much as I usually do. It always seems like summers are so busy that I am never on here as much. From May to September we are busy with family, friends, kids, and getting out of the house as much as possible before the school year starts and we are preoccupied with all the school functions for 9 crazy months. I love summer time, I hate that those four months fly by so quickly! Here we are mid-July already!!! Where did the summer go?

Just when you think you have time to focus on something that you have been putting off life happens. I have had quite a few people close to me going through some hard times, My Memere (grandmother) had to undergo surgery earlier this week to have her pacemaker totally replaced. She had been having some issues and the doctors originally were going to replace it's batteries but after some testing found out it needed to be completely replaced. She is doing OK, and is home. Hoping for her quick recovery because she has a trip to Vegas planned for next week.....yep she's that awesome!

A few of my other friends have been having some rough times and others have received amazing blessings. It's kinda funny how life seems to have that ying and yang at times. When something falls apart, somewhere else things are coming together. When one life is taken, another is born into the world. Life just happens, its a crazy ride but we all go through it.

Chris, the girls and I are planning on vacation next week. I am beyond excited to go. We are going to visit the ocean and stay for 4 days then take the girls to Sea World!!! I think I am more excited for Sea World than anyone else! I will be sure to post pics and some great memories that we will make, after all we will be spending 18+ hours on the drive there! oh then we have to come back....maybe! LOL

Until Later 
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