Lots of catching up to do :/

I know I promised pictures of our North Pole breakfast with our elf the morning of, however it has been such a whirlwind week and I try to settle in my new role as a Preschool Teacher, yep, that's right! I am a PRESCHOOL TEACHER!!!! I am so excited about this new role and responsibility that God has lead me to. Everything is falling in to place and I just love every minute of it. The best part of all this, its through our church and the Children's ministry and also the same preschool the girls attend, that I already love. I thank the Lord daily for his gracious blessings and this one has fallen into place nicely. Rylee was even able to pick up a spot in the other class so that she can attend every day that Charleigh and I are there!  THANK YOU, LORD!

This was my first week of work, My Lead Teacher Kai is the most amazing person I could have been teamed with, I feel that we vibe well together and know that the rest of this semester and next will be so great, and the kids in each of our classes are the best! Their personalities are so awesome and they are all the cutest! The class I co-teach with is the 2 and 3 year olds, I am reminded daily of how amazing this age group is and I am enlightened by their joy and excitement in everything they do. I greatly appreciate this blessing so that I am able to get this experience while I continue work on my degree.

Now as promised....here are some pictures of the breakfast and what our elf Dash, has been up to!

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