Kickin Some Goals in the Butt!

This past 3 weeks has been a hard few weeks to conquer, I have been sitting at an unsettling 160-159lbs. This Past Monday I was completely upset that I was only maintaing   my weight after working my heine off every day. So I decided to try my husbands p90x CardioX dvd. I did it mon-thurs then did YogaX on saturday and I lost 3 lbs in those 5 days! I am at a happy 156lbs, I am only 1 lb away from -35lbs loss, and then I will have only 15lbs left! I am so proud of my determination and I am throwing down my goals as fast as I made them! The biggest goal of all that I have accomplished is The Goal Jeans!  They finally fit me!!
My Goal Jeans Fit Me!!!!
Isn't that so awesome? I think its time to find a goal swim suit :) 

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 Sometimes my stubbornness gets the best of me. Sometimes it is the best of me! I have always been a very determined person, when I have a goal or something I want, I put all of my attention, my body and soul into getting what I want.
For example, when I was in high school I was challenged by trying out for my Highs School Dance Team, it took me 3 years of try outs to finally make it. (There was a certain obstacle in my way, but that was her mistake!) My passion was Dance for a long time, I took classes for years!I tried out my freshmen, sophomore and junior year. The last year that I was eligible for try outs before my Senior year, I went into the week of try outs telling myself that I did not want to make the team, that I would just attend try outs to just dance, I think I even wrote that on my try out interview sheet.
However, by the end of the week I wanted to make the team so bad that I was seriously stressing myself out, becoming frustrated when I couldn't stick moves I could do in my sleep. I was determined and practiced outside of try outs for hours, making sure I perfected each routine. That year of Dance Team was the best year I could have ever experienced! I never missed a practice and poured my heart into every performance. I was offered 3 scholarships at the end of the year, unfortunately I passed up all three! Dumb I know, but God knew my fate that summer, and I truly believe it was in his plan, or else I wouldn't be married to the amazing man that I am! (No, Chris wasn't the reason I passed them up, I didn't meet him until after I turned down the offers) That year at our Dance Team Banquet, I was awarded the "Never give up, Never surrender" Award from my peers. That award fits my personality perfectly! 

Whether my goal is something for me, my family or for others I always give myself 100% in everything I do. Right now I am focused on my school, graduating with a bachelors in Early Childhood Development is a huge goal of mine, I am also fully focused on my weight loss, for my personal reasons. There are days where I do just want to give in, but my stubbornness and determination will not allow that to happen! What ever I put my mind to, I allow it to fully consume me. It becomes me, and I become completely determined to finish it.

The past 2 weeks have been hard with my weight loss, I have been yo-yo-ing on the scale, not working out as many days a week as I usually do and have not being paying attention to my portions. On Monday, I choose to stop the trend I was starting and continue back on the right track. The past 3 days I have been working my butt off and really paying attention to how much I eat. I hope that reminding myself that I have to be conscious of what I am doing will allow me to see results...It doesn't happen on it's own. 

Chris finally checked his schedule and we made official plans for our vacation. We have a little over 3 months until our vacation. In those 3 months I want to reach my goal, hit my 50 lbs mark....I only have 19 lbs to lose in 3 months. Its gonna be hard but I know with my determination I will make it! Heck I lost 31 lbs in 3 1/2 months already :)  When I hit the beach in July I want to be confident in which ever swim suit I choose, feel good in my own skin and have my old attitude back! Only 3 months.....I know I can do it!
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Busy Week!

This past week has been a very busy one! It started off with 32.5 hours of LABOR! The Birth of my niece Marley Louise Foster, was the start of my week. My sister went into labor in the wee morning hours of Monday, Tuesday morning at 11:08 my niece was welcomed into the world by her Mama, My Mama, Me and her daddy all the way in Afghanistan, via phone. It was the most amazing thing to experience, and luckily for me I wasn't the one in labor this time, so it was much more enjoyable on my end :)
We spent the rest of the week going back and forth to my parents house where my sister is staying until her husband comes home from deployment. I wasn't able to work out as much this week but the 4 days that I did I made them count, which brought me to my 2nd goal! I am down 31 lbs!!!

Remember this:
1.    Lose 15 lbs in 90 days (reached on 2/9/11, 50 days early)

§  Walk/run a mile in 12 min. - Currently at 12:45---Reached 3/29/11
§  Remove “stupid stress” from my life - Reached but need to not allow anymore in!
§  Feel more energized-getting there!

2.     Lose another 15 lbs by 4/30/11 (My B-day 159 lbs) ---Reached 4/9/11
§  Fit into size 9 jeans
§  Feel more confident
§  Be at pre-pregnancy weight. (160 lbs)---Reached 4/8/11
  • I also want to hit the batting cages and improve my swing and be able to actually hit a ball, maybe play some softball with Chris??---if you've ever seen me play you would know that I really need to work on this, and I want to..to be confident at the plate would totally rock my socks!

3.    Lose another 15 lbs by 7/4/11 (Independence Day & Chris and I's 7 year anniversary, 144 lbs)
§  Feel good in a swim suit
§  Run 10 min miles
§  Register for a Fall 5k with Chris

4.    Lose the last 5 lbs to complete my 50 lb goal by 8/1/11 (139 lbs)
§  Run a 5k
§  Be confident in my own skin and feel sexy- yes even moms want to feel this way!
§  Challenge myself to lose another 5 lbs in a month. (134 lbs)
§  Continue to work out and eat healthy…this is my way of life!!!
So Since I have reached my second goal early I would like this months goal to be changed, I would like to lose another 6 lbs by my birthday..which will put me at 153 lbs. Today I am resting, catching up on missed sleep and getting my body ready to jump back on the work out schedule and continue this journey!!!
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Its toooo Big!!!!

 This week was a great week, I lost 4.5 lbs! I think this week my metabolism spiked! Which is really awesome because when I was a teenager I had the most awesome metabolism EVER! That is why I was so skinny then!

Today I put on a pair of Capri's that I wore about 2 weeks ago and the only thing holding them up where my hip bones! I felt like I was floating in them! Also the belt I bought about a month ago, I am out of holes on, which means I need a new one again because its too big!  Oh and my beloved sweat pants are huge on me and have to be folded over to stay on, but now they are even more super comfy! Looks like I need to do some shopping, but I am going to weight until I hit my Goal weight, which isn't too far off! I planed to hit my second goal by the end of April (My b-day, -30 lbs total, weighing 159 lbs) but if next week goes as amazing as the last I will hit it by next Saturday for sure! I am on a roll and I am so proud of myself!!!
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