Update on Weight Loss

 Here are my starting and current Stats!

Jan 12th: 
Weight: 189 lbs

Right Arm- 12
Left Arm-13

Right Thigh-25
Left Thigh-26

Hips- 46

June 3rd:
Weight: 147 lbs

Right Arm- 11
Left arm-11

Right Thigh- 21
Left Tight-21

Hips-35 1/2

Total Lost In 6 Months:
Weight: 42 lbs

Right Arm- 1
Left arm-1

Right Thigh-4
Left Thigh-5


Total inches lost 27 1/2

I have 8 lbs left to lose to hit my 50 lb. goal!!! I am so excited to be almost done with this journey and cannot wait to hit my weight loss goal. After I hit it I will probably continue to loose a couple more pounds, my ideal weight is 135-130. Then learning to maintain will start to take over! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and following me through out this journey, you guys have been here to help me through more than you know!!

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