Start Jan. 1st 2010 completed by Sept. 28th 2012

1.start a journal for each of the girls and write them a letter on their birthdays.
2. Finish Charleigh's scrapbook
 3. Make Rylee's scrapbook
 4. Do a walk for a cause x2
 5. Put away $1.00 a day for 1000 days then spend it on a trip.
6. Learn to play golf.
7. Put away $1.00 a day for the girls for christmas next year 2010. Repeat for 2011 and 2012
8. Tell chris & the girls I love them when Im upset with them.
9. Read 30 new books (13/30)
10. Try 10 new recipes (8/10)
11. Exercise everyday except Sunday (In progress)
12.join and attend church
13. Get the girls involved in chruch
14 Write my friends a letters
15. Take more me time
16. Find a sitter & go on date night once a month.
17. Make a list of my 101 favorite songs
18. Blog at least once a month
19. Make a family scrapbook
20.  Take a picture of the 101's that mean the most
21. Go for a hike
22. Take a picture of myself every 30 days to see my work out progress
23. No more soda
24. Learn how to crochet/knit
25. No eating out during the week
26. Take a picture of my girls at least once a month
27. Make homemade cards for b-days and holidays
28. Find a pen pal
29. Volunteer 10 times
30. buy a fireproof box, fill it with personal items like the girls hospital bracelets and t-shirts
31. Keep a journal and write in it everyday
32. Make another 101 list before the end of this one
33. Send a card to: someone I know, someone I don't, and someone I love
34. Explore Kansas
35. Donate to charity
36. Take a cake decorating class
37. Dance in the rain with my girls (Do this more often!)
38. Have a dinner in with chris
39. Drink 2 glasses of water a day( Keep this up)
40. Throw a party other than a b-day party
41.write a love note and mail it to chris
42. Find something to collect
43. Campout in the yard 3 times
44. Have an outdoor movie night
45.make 3 new friends
46. Ignore the negative, concentrate on the possitive
47. Go on a weekend get away just me and my mom
48. Perform 5 random acts of kidness
49. Do something good for the earth
50.do something I haven't done since I was a kid
51. Write my mom a letter
52. Start and keep a girls night out once a month
53. write my memere a letter every month
54. Lose the baby weight!!
55. Be more confident
56. Attend story time at the library once a month
57. Get another tattoo 
58. Go to a dance class
59.go to a wine tasting
60. Buy 10 new nail polishes
61. paint my nails once a month
62. Send a care package to a solider I don't know
63. Read the bible front to back
64. Find 20 bible verses that mean something to me
65. Complete 200 miles in 300 days
66. Make a list of 100 reasons of why I love chris and give it to him
67. Teach Charleigh a dance routine and let her perform it (Does the Dougie Count?)
68. Dance like crazy 1 day a week
69.sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs
70. Start a chain letter for kids with stickers! 
71. Have a spa day
72. Try a new resturant
73. Buy a new ipod
74. Learn a new word every day and use it
75. Go on a honeymoon finally!
76. Be able to run a mile without dying
77. Pray everyday at meal time w/the girls
78. Take and send out a family photo
79. Decorate for every holiday
80. Stop living in sweat pants (can only wear them 1 day a week)
81. Host a cookie exchange party
82. Read a night time story every night
83. Rekindle an old friendship
84. Host a playdate once a month
85. Go back to school for early childhood edu.
86. Get charleigh and rylee in a mommy's day out program (Preschool) 
87. Take vitamins everyday
88. Get the girls baptized
89. Go on a double date 5 times
90. Do not buy any more sweats (I take this one back....I lost weight I HAD to buy new ones lol)
91. Spend more on my self
92. No more impuls buys
93.buy and wear more earrings
94. Buy and learn to walk in heals (again)
95.lose 50 lbs and reward myself
96. Follow through with # 95
97. Spend a whole day in bed as a family
98. Learn to not stress out so much
99. Realize that its ok that the laundrys not done, toys all over the floor and dinners not ready and its 7pm....its OK (Finally I am ok with this!)
100. Pay myself $1.00 for every accomplished item
101. Pay chris $1.00 for every item I don't

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